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August 25, 2008 • Issue 08:08:02

Opening Pandora's Box?

On Aug. 13, 2008, an article about the ETA Electronic Transactions Association's survey to determine the feasibility of a certification or other type of credentialing program for merchant level salespeople (MLSs) was posted on GS Online. Reaction by MLSs to the idea for MLS certification was swift - and mixed.

Here, courtesy of the MLS Forum, are a few reactions to the ETA's proposed certification of the feet on the street.

In lieu of their lobbying effort against the bills before Congress, I guess they had to show they were doing something ...

- Rick White, hipoint

If they don't get a lot of responses, tough in this industry, it would not be worth much in my humble opinion. I am all for certification, personally, but have become jaded on the issue after five years of looking for it. And if it is not enforced by the Associations, it is a useless certification.

- Gary Martin, gmartin

If [this is] for the newbies, great. If this is for all that have been in the trenches for some time, find a way to do a deal. My answer is that membership has its privileges, and tenure denotes a benefit as well.

Compare any other certifications; you'll find the same. Membership, perhaps, should be optional as well. I look forward to either the progress reports or the finished program. And thank you for the thought.

- Dustman

It would also be an admission on the part of the ETA and the Associations that for years people who represented this industry should have been in jail or selling siding and used cars where they belonged.

- Mike Daily, Approved

Certification is nothing but a joke and a moneymaking venture for someone. It falls on the ISOs to make sure all the deals are clean and that the merchant understands what their contract is in plain simple language.

- Mike Henderson, imhogwyld

What the industry needs is licensing, not certification. In order to get a license, a proof of minimal knowledge of the industry is required.

- Bruce Byers, BroosterB1

To practice without a license would cause me and my broker a lot of trouble, so you don't see/hear about many practicing without a license. I personally am all for it!

- Sheri Andrews, destin5440

Any and all persons wanting to sell merchant services should be licensed - very simple and clean cut.

- Dominic Guardino, Guardino & Associates

The survey ended on Aug. 23, 2008, and the results will be posted to the ETA's Web site (www.electran.org). end of article

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