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February 27, 2023 • Issue 23:02:02

Readers Speak: Rethinking AI

Emily Dunn, senior digital marketing manager at CEI, contacted us about a new CEI report, Rethinking AI for 2023 and Beyond, written by CEI Analyst Brian Cantor. "Consumers are more willing than ever to self-serve, and brands are more committed than ever to harnessing the power of AI technology," she wrote. "The time has come, however, to ensure this excitement over the promise of AI turns into meaningful results. To ensure it is powering more frictionless and relevant customer interactions, more empowering agent experiences, and more valuable business results. What will it take to achieve these objectives? This guide to rethinking AI provides the answers."

Some of the report topics she mentioned include:

  • Four ways to rethink AI and elevate experiences: In today’s era of competing on experiences, it is not enough for a brand to simply know it has an answer to a given customer’s question. The brand must consider what that customer encounters while searching for that answer.
  • AI’s real role in transforming knowledge management: When pursuing AI-driven knowledge solutions, the key is to focus on a “lean data” approach. Success hinges on surfacing only the most relevant knowledge, as opposed to drowning employees in all information
  • Steps for making customer experiences more convenient, relevant, and personalized: The digital transformation is not diminishing the importance of personalization. It may mean that customers and agents engage in fewer traditional phone or face-to-face conversations. It is not, however, reducing the value of tailoring journeys – and responses – to individual customer context.
  • Predictions for the future of CX – and the role AI must play: While rethinking AI to refine experiences, successful companies will not simply focus on correcting yesterday’s problems but instead build a future-proof framework that can support incoming trends.

AI in your business

Are you incorporating AI into your business? If so, in what areas are you using it. What are the pros and cons so far? If you don't employ AI, what's holding you back? For a copy of CEI's report, see https://bit.ly/3Ig1thS; also see Green Sheet CEO Kate Gillespie's thoughts on AI in this issue's Inspiration feature. end of article

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