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May 25, 2020 • Issue 20:05:02

New Products

Automate risk, improve cash flow with real-time decisioning

Product: CustomerConnect
Company: linked2Pay

linked2pay, a division of transmodus Corp., added CustomerConnect to its platform of risk management and payment technology solutions. Designed to save time and replace manual labor with real-time decisioning capabilities, the solution helps end-users make agile, data-driven choices when extending credit terms and invoicing B2B customers, the company stated.

"CustomerConnect gives linked2pay channel partners and resellers the opportunity to make revenue from credit checks and it doesn't matter what gateway they use," said Robert "Jay" McShirley, CEO at transmodus. "We built it as a standalone product to help our resellers get their foot in the door and build relationships with merchants. They don't need to sell credit card processing to make money and form relationships with business owners."

The solution automatically creates an agreement between two companies when a customer clicks on a credit app via email or smartphone and securely shares payment account details, McShirley stated. Thirty days later, the app will debit the customer's account.

Modular design

CustomerConnect's modular design provides end-users with multiple implementation options, McShirley stated. Business owners can fully utilize CustomerConnect to automate credit applications and invoicing, assess results and collect payments according to specified terms. Companies that choose to keep their existing invoicing software can achieve the same results by using linked2pay's API library, he stated.

McShirley pointed out that another benefit of CustomerConnect's modular design is that it enables users to migrate and continually update the following existing features and benefits:

  • KYC: CustomerConnect's Know Your Customer capability enables users to verify prospective customers' credit score, bank account, tax ID and OFAC list match.
  • Credit check only: Credit check as a standalone feature enables linked2pay/paycosmos customers to run a credit check on existing and prospective clients.
  • Bundled credit check, automated payments: The combined credit check and automated payments option enables applicants to opt in or out of automated payments when applying for credit.
  • Customizable terms: Configurable invoice settings enable CustomerConnect users to modify credit check terms and apply late fees as a percentage or flat rate.
  • Mobile friendly: CustomerConnect is optimized for mobile devices, making the app easily accessible for resellers, merchants and applicants.
  • Dispute mechanism: A built-in dispute mechanism with live chat and messaging escalates customer issues for prompt resolution.

Reseller benefits

McShirley additionally noted that the bankcard side of the acquiring business has become cutthroat, with certain players selling closed-loop, proprietary solutions that lock out other service providers. CustomerConnect overcomes these barriers, giving merchant level salespeople, ISOs and acquirers an opportunity to earn trust by helping merchants automate and digitize outdated accounting systems.

CustomerConnect supports existing merchant accounts on these card processing gateways: TSYS Multipass/Transit, Heartland Portico, First Data, NAB Velocity and Authorize.Net. It also supports the linked2pay and Paya ACH gateways. Banks and resellers (ISOs, ISVs and developers) can easily white label CustomerConnect, McShirley added. 

"In the 1970s and 1980s, enterprises commonly used fax machines and phone references to decide whether or not to extend credit," McShirley said. "It's amazing that some billion-dollar companies are still doing it that way. Real-time decisioning and fast access to credit has never been more important, especially now, during our current global pandemic." end of article

Website: www.linked2pay.com Contact: rmcshirley@linked2pay.com

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