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October 09, 2018 • Issue 18:10:01


Written goals do shape lives

"Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success." – Pablo Picasso

Our lives are filled with goals. Whether intentionally thought out or in the midst of our everyday life, we are constantly creating goals for ourselves. Not only do we plan out our careers by deciding to complete college, we also set small goals for ourselves: I really need to finish the laundry or mow the lawn, for example.

Each of these goals is important to us in different ways. Setting a goal to get out of bed and take 10 steps for most of us seems like a waste of our time, but for a cancer patient, this goal may seem like a mountain to climb. Only the individual may determine the importance of a goal.

A potent practice

So how do we prioritize and keep our major goals at the forefront of our thoughts and actions? The answer for all of us may be different, but as for me, I write them down. Putting thoughts and ideas to paper solidifies them in my mind.

When I was in high school, I was one of the students putting together the school yearbook. Each year we invited the seniors to write down their aspirations. When I was asked to provide my future dream I simply stated, "I want to own and run a magazine." I was so interested in the workings of putting together the yearbook for my school that I decided I wanted to make a life of it.

I went to university as a journalism major. I studied business organizations and processes. After many jobs in various fields, I finally ended up working for Paul Green and running his magazine, The Green Sheet. In 2014, I purchased The Green Sheet. Although it had taken 36 years, I had achieved one of my major goals.

Empowering results

On my way to the 2018 Western States Acquirers show I started a conversation with my seatmate on the airplane. I related this story, and she shared a story with me. From the time she was in junior high school she was fascinated with computers, numbers and data. She had a three-part goal which she wrote down:

  1. Manage a large data center
  2. Have at least five employees under her
  3. Work in a corner office with floor to ceiling windows

She then told me that out of high school, she went to work for a large data company and was soon promoted to manager of her group of 15 employees. At this time, she was still working in the company's cubicle farm. After a year of this, her boss was so pleased with her performance that he moved her into her own office, and much to her surprise it was a corner office—with floor to ceiling windows.

Keeping thoughts in focus is key to achieving your goals. Write them down, tell them to the world, and hold yourself accountable and you can climb any mountain. end of article

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