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February 08, 2016 • Issue 16:02:01

New Products

Leave a perfect voicemail every time

Product: Voice Mail Drop
Company: Integrated Reporting is Simple LLC

Integrated Reporting is Simple LLC, a provider of business and customer relationship management systems and headquartered in Brooklyn, N.Y., added dynamic voice message capability to its suite of business-in-a-box solutions.Integrated Reporting is Simple Voice Mail Drop, launched in January 2016, is designed to complement the company's dialer metrics and enterprise-level customer relationship management (CRM) ecosystem.

"Our research has shown that 30 percent of the phone calls agents make are received by answering machines," said Dimitri Akhrin, founder and President of IRIS. "While the opportunity to leave a voice message is there, most agents move on to the next call without leaving a message."

Akhrin saw a need for merchant level salespeople (MLSs) to optimize phone time without hanging up or taking extra time to leave messages on answering machines.

Keep smiling and dialing

With Voice Mail Drop, MLSs who hear an answering machine can press a button, and the system will leave a perfectly scripted message every time. Following are some additional features of the program that Akhrin pointed out:

  • One-button activation: When a messaging device answers a call, users press one button to activate Voice Mail Drop.
  • Optimized call time: Once Voice Mail Drop is activated, the call remains active while the caller hangs up and goes on to the next call.
  • Menu of messages: Voice Mail Drop stores multiple messages, enabling telemarketers, agents and appointment setters to select appropriately targeted voice messages. Callers can select Campaign 1, Campaign 2, etc.
  • Authentic voice: Users record and maintain their own libraries of voice mail messages, creating authentic and personal campaigns that can be updated at any time. Consistent quality: Callers who are feeling below par or have raspy voices can leave messages that sound perfect and have been approved by the company.

Dialer Metrics platform

"Every appointment setter wants to qualify and book as many appointments as possible, but not all appointments are quality," Akhrin said. "Using IRIS CRM Dialer Metrics, agents and managers can listen to the phone call to understand what was discussed and nuances of customer attitude and degree of receptivity." Akhrin further noted that callers can connect to the system through a USB port to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. Managers and employees can listen to calls while they are happening or listen to recorded calls based on date ranges or longer talk times for quality assurance and training purposes.

The Dialer Metrics platform is powered by Twilio, described by Akhrin as the "First Data of phone systems." Twilio provides a cloud-based API developers can use to build intelligent, complex communications frameworks. Home Depot, Uber and Coca-Cola have used Twilio's platform and solutions. IRIS CRM's internal dialer connects all communications into its processor-based system, monitoring all call activities, keeping employees accountable and tracking their activities. System managers and administrators can listen to live and recorded calls to assess individual challenges and coaching opportunities.


Akhrin said IRIS CRM is continually evolving in response to the ever-changing business and merchant acquiring landscape. He noted that the ecosystem's core architecture includes the following features:

  • CRM:Dialer with recordings, calendar, marketing automation (including email templates), electronic signature
  • Merchant boarding
  • Transactions: Portfolio overview, drill down menus, card lookup, merchant statement lookup
  • Help desk: Create, track, modify and resolve issues
  • Finance: Residuals, one-time payments, profit and loss statements, custom user profiles
  • Value-added application and service integrations
  • Merchant portal: Merchants can log in and track transactional activity

While ISOs and acquirers have created customized, branded versions of IRIS CRM, Akhrin pointed out that the platform is compatible with a range of businesses and industries. "It's a transparent, agnostic tool that adapts and scales according to each user's unique requirements," he said. "The secret sauce is the personal experience of each user from the lowest level to the highest level of an organization or business.". end of article

Website: www.iriscrm.com Contact: dimitri@iriscrm.com

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