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October 24, 2011 • Issue 11:10:02


It really is about you

Have you ever pondered what prospective merchant customers might actually be thinking when they view your company website for the first time? You should, because right now merchants are searching the web looking to connect with payment professionals like you.

But will their quest lead to you? The answer is all about you. Prime real estate on a well-crafted website should lead visitors to the "about us" page, the Internet equivalent of an introductory handshake. If this page is not executed properly or if it's out of date, an "about us" page can quickly turn into a relationship-ending encounter, not the lead-generation tool you desire.

What should prospects gain from their first virtual impression of you? The sense that your company is a strong candidate for their business, that's what. The overall design of the site must be professional and in keeping with the nature of the payments business.

It must convey through colors, text and graphics a sense of authority, reliability and warmth. And the "about us" page must validate your company as an authentic, reputable place to do business. But how is this done? How the best do it Here are some pointers from best-of-class businesses that should help you create a standout "about us" section. According to most experts, your "about us" message should:

  1. Emphasize who you are, not what you do. What was the inspiration behind starting your business? Was there an altruistic aspect or did you feel you could offer a better approach? Tell them your story.

  2. People work with people they can trust. Prospects want to know who you are and your level of expertise. They also want reassurance that you'll stand behind the products and services you offer.

  3. Show off your creativity. A well-positioned video on this page can provide an insider's view of the people, values and team spirit merchants will encounter once they sign with you. Add a favorite quote that captures the company's vision, or include a few customer endorsements.

  4. Be honest. Experts warn against making exaggerated claims about company size or years in business. Many prospects prefer working with smaller, more attentive businesses. Spotlight your strengths, illustrating where your business may fill a void not offered by larger companies.

  5. Maintain consistency. Use the same voice throughout the "about us" section. Be sure to select words payment professionals use, as well as words merchants commonly use when talking about payment processing and related services. This will help guide prospects' word searches to your company website.

Remember, first impressions can make or break a deal. You may be an incredible salesperson over the phone and in person, but if you neglect the silent handshakes taking place every day on your website, you're missing out on important opportunities.

Take the time to build an "about us" page that works around the clock to bring you business - because it truly is all about you. end of article

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