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January 11, 2010 • Issue 10:01:01


Portfolio purchases anyone?

The Green Sheet has published articles in recent years about how to negotiate portfolio sales, from both the buyer's and seller's perspectives. I want to prepare for when the economy rebounds and portfolio sales pick up again. Can you tell me where I can find those articles and which companies are involved in this activity?

Sam Heilbraun
Sales Absolute LLC


The entire backlist of stories published in The Green Sheet since 1995 is available on our Web site, at www.greensheet.com. Our search engine, Fast Finder, will help you locate any subject or company we have covered.

Try entering "portfolio sale" in the search field. Then try "portfolio purchase." Links to many relevant articles will appear on the results page. That should give you a good start.

I cannot tell you whether companies operating in the portfolio sales sphere a year or two ago are still active. You'll have to try contacting them to find out.

Thank you for relying on us as a source of useful information in your payments industry career.


Which ISOs do you recommend?

A friend of mine started working as a merchant level salesperson for an ISO about a year ago and, after several dry months, is starting to see some residual income. This appeals to me. I'm considering following in her footsteps. I'm going to check out the ISO she works with but I'd like to know if there are specific companies you recommend to newcomers to the industry.

Frank Winnokur


The Green Sheet is dedicated to the education and success of ISOs and merchant level salespeople in the ever-changing payments industry. However, we do not recommend specific companies to our readers.

You can use our Web site (www.greensheet.com) for research, though. You could begin at our Resources page where you'll find our Resource Guide, which is a comprehensive listing of top payment organizations and service providers. It contains links to company Web sites and e-mail contacts.

Our Publications page contains links to current and past issues of The Green Sheet, as well as our quarterly publication, GSQ. You'll also find links to profiles of companies and individuals, book reviews and archives of popular columns.

In addition, joining GS Online's MLS Forum will enable you to ask questions of those who are established in the industry. You'll need to register on our Web site first. Just click on "Register Today!" in the upper right-hand corner of our home page, and follow the prompts from there. After you've registered, click on "General Information" for information on accessing the MLS Forum.

Welcome to the payments industry; may you enjoy the same kind of success as your friend.


Untangling interchange

I was told you had an informative series of articles called "Interchange untangled" a while back. Is there a way I could get hold of those articles? I am new to the industry and am confused about what interchange is, how it works and what all the different interchange categories mean.

Mel Everhart
Gruner Payment Solutions


If you search for "interchange untangled" using the Fast Finder search engine found on The Green Sheet's Web site (www.greensheet.com), and limit the search to Green Sheet issues, you will be given links to all nine articles in the series, which ran in 2003 and 2004. You will also see links to subsequent articles that mention the series.

I suggest that you search for the term "interchange" by itself, too, because much has changed in the industry since 2004, and many contributing writers have touched on the subject since that time.

Also, we provide links to Visa Inc.'s and MasterCard Worldwide's current interchange rates on the Resources page of our Web site: www.greensheet.com/resources.php.

Good luck in your new career.


Call us, write us

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