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May 29, 2007 • Issue 07:05:02

New Products

No-brainer protection on smart cards

Product: Smart Card Guard
Company: National Envelope Corp.

Just as preventing sunburn can be as simple as placing a barrier between your skin and the sun, thwarting unauthorized transactions and theft of sensitive data can be as easy as placing a protective barrier between card data and would be thieves.

National Envelope Corp. has developed such a barrier. Smart Card Guard shields all personal and financial information on a card's memory chip. Even though the data on smart cards is encrypted, it is still vulnerable to theft, unauthorized transactions and even accidental reading when placed too close to a reader at the POS.

Cards that use RFID technology can be accessed, even while in a wallet, purse or mailing envelope. Smart Card Guard prevents data in the smart card's integrated circuit from being transmitted via radio frequency waves to any smart card reading device.

Smart Card Guard incorporates a technology called a Faraday Cage. Faraday Cage is a metallic barrier that blocks electronic transmissions. It is packaged within a lightweight paper created specifically for National Envelope.

The made-to-order product line includes mailing envelopes and card sleeves that protect smart cards when mailed or carried in a purse, wallet or pocket.Smart Card Guard protects payment cards, gift cards and health insurance cards. It also protects security access cards and devices, as well as membership cards and passports.

National Envelope is initially targeting sales to financial services companies and government agencies worldwide. However, Smart Card Guard can be used by any issuer or distributor of contactless smart cards, including retailers, health care providers and mobile technology companies.

National Envelope Corp.

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