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December 27, 2021 • Issue 21:12:02

New Products

Boost revenue, reduce churn with acute dispute intelligence

Product: VEDA
Company: Chargeback Gurus

Chargeback Gurus, an ecommerce management and fraud prevention solutions provider, created VEDA, an advanced dispute intelligence platform designed to help merchants fix operational issues leading to customer churn and revenue loss. By leveraging human intelligence and machine learning, the solution uses advanced analytics to deep dive into the root causes of inquiries and prevent disputes, according to Suresh Dakshina, president at Chargeback Gurus.

"With VEDA, merchants have the ability to forecast chargeback spikes and revenue recovery for up to six months in advance," Dakshina said. "Vulnerability alerts and action steps are delivered right to their inboxes, which helps merchants analyze fraud patterns and easily identify reasons behind merchant error disputes."

Dakshina further noted that VEDA is another powerful tool for ISOs, merchant level salespeople (MLSs) and other Chargeback Guru channel partners, who can use the platform to help merchants solve disputes while improving retention, keeping merchant accounts healthy and avoiding costly card network penalties.

Enhances fraud prevention suite

VEDA will be available as an optional upgrade for Chargeback Gurus clients to further enhance existing fraud prevention tools, optimize cash flow management and minimize revenue loss, Dakshina stated. In addition to the information provided through Chargeback Guru's online portal, VEDA delivers customized, high-level reporting on a monthly basis to continuously update busy executives, he added.

Dakshina pointed out that VEDA's customizable features provide merchants with a wealth of data and analytics in their preferred formats, including revenue recovery predictions that suggest how much revenue Chargeback Gurus may recover for them. These insights and predictive analytics can help identify operational inefficiencies, prevent chargebacks and anticipate near-term changes and chargeback trends that could potentially impact their businesses, he noted.

"The Advanced Dispute Intelligence provided by VEDA can be customized to display the information that's most relevant to the individual merchant, allowing them to break down and categorize the data any way they choose," Dakshina said. "VEDA's smart chargeback forecasting provides predictions about how that merchant's chargebacks might increase or decrease in the future."

Long-term merchant relationships

Chargeback Gurus has been helping ISOs, MLSs and channel partners build long-term, mutually profitable merchant relationships with value-added products and services, Dakshina noted, adding that support is a baseline requirement in today's complex, highly competitive industry.

"Providing just merchant account support in a competitive industry is no longer a long-term, sustainable strategy for ISOs, agents and channel partners," Dakshina said. "A true partner builds lasting relationships with merchants by knowing their pain points and proactively offering solutions even before their merchants may realize the need for such solutions." In the growing chargeback management industry, there's a clear demand for data analytics tools that can help merchants reduce the overall number of chargebacks they receive, Dakshina said. With the right tools, merchants can unlock chargebacks to discover valuable customer insights, but many merchants find it difficult to obtain and analyze this information, he added.

Perfecting chargeback management

With chargebacks on the rise and two out of three merchants writing off chargebacks as a cost of doing business, merchant service providers can offer merchants a strong solution with a positive ROI within 30 days of utilizing the VEDA service, Dakshina stated, adding that Chargeback Gurus has always endeavored to provide its partners and their merchants with the best information and analysis available, and VEDA takes that effort to the next level.

"Our goal is to take the pain out of chargeback management for our merchants and partners," Dakshina said. "Chargeback Gurus has been a pioneer in setting the standard in the chargeback management space when it comes to chargeback recovery and prevention. Our next-generation dispute intelligence platform, VEDA, will help our customers manage their chargebacks, fraud and cash flow." end of article

Website: www.chargebackgurus.com Contact: suresh@chargebackgurus.com

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