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July 13, 2015 • Issue 15:07:01

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The importance of risk management

I found Ann Train's article titled "Have you weatherproofed your ISO?" very valuable addressing some of the liabilities companies face in the payments business. The notion of "no liability" is a fallacy, which she clearly illustrates. While difficult to summarize every aspect of the exposure that has resulted in a lawsuit, the article did a great job addressing a rarely discussed topic in the industry. Taking the time with respect to risk management could mean keeping your doors open during legal or regulatory difficulties, rather than being put out of business by them.

Kevin Mendizabal, Frates Insurance & Risk Management


Thanks for appreciating this article, which appeared in The Green Sheet on Dec. 8, 2014, issue 14:12:01, and is now archived online at www.greensheet.com/emagazine.php?story_id=4204&search_string=weatherproof. Ann Train and the rest of our staff strive to consistently create articles of value, and it's gratifying to know when we're succeeding.


Visa sponsoring wireless access

The MWAA sent us the following note about "MWAA revisits heart of Chicago," published June 8, 2015, in issue 15:06:01:

"Thank you for the beautifully written article. We do appreciate your coverage for MWAA 2015. We realized after reading the article that we conveyed the incorrect information about wireless Internet access sponsorship. The correct sponsor of wireless Internet access throughout the MWAA 2015 conference is Visa, not Discover. Discover sponsored the mobile app as was reported." We subsequently changed the article online to reflect the updated information. The print issue had already gone to press. Thus, unfortunately, we could not revise that version.

It's Jontucker1983

In "Controversial questions and answers - Part 3," the Street SmartsSM article we published June 22, 2015, in issue 15:06:02, we misspelled John Tucker's MLS Forum username. The correct spelling is Jontucker1983. We corrected the name online, but we regret the error came to light after the issue had gone to press.

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