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September 10, 2007 • Issue 07:09:01

Nothing beats the feet-on-the-street life

A career in the payments industry is challenging. With a slew of mergers and buyouts, cutthroat competition, increased data security requirements and possible government intervention roiling the payments landscape, sometimes you just have to wonder, Why do I stay in this crazy industry?

There are many reasons why merchant level salespeople (MLSs) love the career path they've chosen.

A recent thread on GS Online's MLS Forum asked members to "post something positive about this business."

Following are some of their thoughts:

"Just got back from vacation; I'm grateful to not have to worry about running out of vacation days."
- utah997 (who started the thread)

"I just got back from about a month-long trip and happy to be able to leave again in a couple of weeks ... this industry is the easiest money I've ever made."
- nwbc

"I am pleased to say that I have created many new friends: my merchants. I appreciate the ability to make good money and grow my business but never miss the important stuff, like watching my crazy little two-year-old boy grow ... the ability to really test myself and learn new things ... best accident that ever happened to me." - aopsales

"This business is one of the last industries where pure salesmanship is fully rewarded. It still offers an amazing opportunity ... The ones that thrive in this industry tend to be the most interesting and independent people I have ever met."
- mikemaxon

"I began in this business as a simple way to slow down and enjoy life. ... It is a true joy to talk to merchants who understand that you have to make a profit to be able to continue to serve them." - Suncoast

"I love being in a business where you get a raise every day you go to work."
- ccwarehouse

"Being your own boss is so far ahead of whatever's in second place. Your destiny is solely in your own hands. Then, of course is the residual income that rolls in while you sleep, vacation and pause to smell the roses."
- Slick Streetman

"I have never awakened and been disappointed about what I have to do day-in and day-out."
- empire

"The financial industry ... has provided me with a beautiful home ... and to provide for a good sense of security for my family. If you help move money, anyone can make a living second to none."
- imhogwyld

"What I love about this business is that I am allowed time freedom to do the things that are important to my family [and] ... the constant streams of revenue that hit my bank account every month, whether I'm out in the field hustling or at home on my futon ... just relaxing. I am forever grateful."
- wisdompower

"It is all positive. Great industry to build your future in just by treating people right. ... Just spent a week at the beach, 10 days at the beach in July. Can't ask for more."
- Coach Bob

"It's the people. I have met some of the greatest people being in this industry. Not just my colleagues and my peers, but it extends to merchants as well.

But best of all I truly enjoy hanging out here on GS and being a part of something bigger than just my office. It's a window to an incredible world filled with endless possibilities."
- FastTransact

Some of the best people you'd ever want to meet can be found on GS Online's MLS Forum. To join this and many other discussions about issues of importance to the MLS community, register at www.greensheet.com. It's fast and free. end of article

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