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FIDO Alliance

Authenticate 2023

Highlights: It’s time to modernize your authentication, and FIDO Alliance is prepared to help you do just that. Organizations around the globe are embracing a new way to authenticate with FIDO standards, moving past passwords and legacy forms of multifactor authentication to provide users with passkeys for phishing-resistant sign-ins. Their results? Strong security, lessened data breach risk, improved user experiences, faster sign-in rates, and reduced costs.

The agenda will include detailed case studies, technical tutorials, developer meetups, hands on labs and expert panels. Topics explored will be tips for painless passkeys, biometrics, the importance of UX, and being the passwordless champion in your organization, and more. This year’s featured keynote will be presented by Rachel Tobac, white hat hacker and social engineering expert, whose exploits have been featured on CNN, 60 Minutes and more.

When: October 16 - 18, 2023

Where: Omni La Costa Resort  Carlsbad, CA


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