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Draper Goren Holm

The Global DeFi Summit

Highlights: The Global DeFi Summit is hosting over 20 international decentralized finance (DeFi) leaders to share upcoming announcements, their knowledge, expertise, and direction for how they envision the future of global finance. Free for all, the inaugural summit provides a platform for the blockchain industry that fosters exposure, education, collaboration, building, and development for the distributed finance sector.

Topics will cover everything from open finance, yield farming, smart contract solutions, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and protocols to overcoming obstacles, regulation, and what we need to do as a community at large to achieve global adoption. Additionally, summit speakers will answer the exact reason why this sector is seeing such rapid growth, particularly as many people climb through 2020’s overwhelming trenches.

When: August 6 - 6, 2020

Where:  online only


Spotlight Innovators:

North American Bancard | USAePay