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Thursday, August 24, 2017

ClearSale takes chargeback prevention on the road

T he Green Sheet has previously reported on payment companies ‒ Electronic Payments Inc., Vantiv Inc. and ProPay Inc., for example ‒ that have conducted interactive roadshows to augment the training of ISOs, merchant level salespeople and merchants. Such shows have been used to introduce new POS systems, demystify Europay, Mastercard and Visa implementation and more. On Aug. 24, 2017, ClearSale heralded a new roadshow. It will take place in Mexico the week of Aug. 28 and was devised to address fraud and high chargeback rates in that country.

ClearSale, which is headquartered in Miami and specializes in chargeback prevention, said the Mexican market "has been a challenge for online merchants, due to a poor reputation for fraud. Chargeback rates from the region are 2.8 times higher than the global average, with decline rates in 2015 being as much as twice that of the global average," adding that "fear of fraud can lead some merchants to avoid transactions with customers whose purchases originate from Mexico."

The company also pointed out that false declines can damage a merchant’s reputation, with 32 percent of customers refusing to return to vendors where their purchases were erroneously declined.

ClearSale Executive Vice President Rafael Lourenco will be the executive on the ground during the roadshow. Organizations in Mexico interested in participating should call +1 786-888-4584 or send an email to .

Additional challenges, resources

Payment companies and merchants are increasingly taking their businesses international, and mitigating chargebacks is one of several distinct challenges global commerce presents. Another firm specializing in chargeback and fraud prevention, Chargebacks911, recently released a white paper on ecommerce practices around the world.

Titled The Essential Guide to Global eCommerce, the paper contains a thorough, predictive picture of where ecommerce is headed over the next several years, according to Chargebacks911. It is available for free download at .

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