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Friday, August 5, 2022

Stronger, streamlined STA enters fourth decade

The Secure Technology Alliance is once again retooling and restructuring in response to changing paradigms in identity management and security protocols. STA representatives disclosed Aug. 3, 2022, that the organization that pioneered U.S. smart card adoption continues to expand affiliate networks while sharing knowledge and information with payments industry stakeholders.

The alliance further noted plans are underway to streamline organizational and membership structures to facilitate collaborative discussions among all participants.

Jason Bohrer, STA executive director, stated the restructuring will better position the organization for future success by serving members and their industries and clients. "As we enter our fourth decade, we celebrate our rich legacy of achievements and are gratified that the collaboration our organization enables is more important than ever," he said.

Bohrer noted the changes, already underway, will improve efficiencies and make it easier for STA's self-guided affiliated groups to collaborate. The U.S. Payments Forum, industry councils and working groups, for example, will be able to exchange ideas across committees, and the newly formed Identity and Access Forum will consolidate STA's Identity and Access Council and mobile driver's license initiatives into a single working group.

New improved framework

Alliance representatives further noted that the new organizational framework will leverage the STA's strength in payments, access and digital ID in the following ways:

  1. Broader membership access: All STA and forum members will be able to participate freely in any activities or projects, something they cannot do today with a single membership.

  2. Cross-functional tech adoption: The framework strengthens the STA's ability to incubate and help advance widespread adoption of security technologies and best practices in exciting new fields like mobile drivers' licenses, the Internet of Things, healthcare and more.

  3. Flexible, adaptable framework: It creates a more scalable structure in which members can launch future forums when warranted by market developments.

  4. Simplified membership model: The new structure makes it possible to simplify membership dues into a common structure across the entire organization to enhance cross-organization participation and strengthen membership value.

Join the alliance

Going forward, STA members will fully participate in its U.S. Payments and Identity and Access Forums, industry councils and working groups, alliance representatives stated, adding that the STA fosters open dialogue among industry stakeholders to explore and develop secure technology innovations in the payments, identity and access markets.

By collaborating on education and guidance, the alliance helps enable efficient, timely and effective implementation of large-scale, disruptive technologies.

Bohrer thanked STA members for helping shape the future of secure digital identity management and commerce. "Enabling cross-industry stakeholders to come together in a neutral forum to discuss relevant topics and move key initiatives forward has proven powerful and effective in improving the quality and security of our connected lives in ways we now take for granted," he said. "Looking forward, only by working together can we achieve our mission to continuously enhance security and user experiences in the increasingly interconnected payments, identity and access sectors we serve."

For more information on the STA and membership, visit securetechalliance.org/. end of article

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