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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

NAC releases ATM safety guidelines

The National ATM Council, Inc. (NAC) released guidance on March 18, 2020, designed to assist U.S. independent and retail ATM stakeholders during the current Coronavirus outbreak. NAC Executive Director Bruce Renard thanked ATM manufacturers Hyosung, Genmega and Triton for offering assistance and staying open throughout the crisis.

“NAC is proud of the thousands of ATM entrepreneurs across America who are risking their own health and safety by continuing to make cash widely available across America as we face this national health emergency together,” Renard said. “Our hats are off to these brave and dedicated men and women who continue supplying the cash that makes America’s economic engine run daily – a need even more acute during this COVID-19 crisis.”

George Sarantopoulos, NAC chair and CEO at Access One Solutions Inc., concurred, stating, “I think in these crazy times, anyone who can keep their business going without endangering their employees and/or customers and keeping people gainfully employed is almost a patriotic duty at this point.”

ATM Specific Coronavirus Exposure/Spread Mitigation Guidelines:

Stressing the importance of keeping safe throughout the current health crisis, Renard stated NAC headquarters will remain open to support members and ATM stakeholders. He urged members to call and email with any questions, issues or concerns, stating, “Please stay safe and well and thank you for allowing NAC to be of service.”

Following are NAC’s recommended guidelines for preventing coronavirus exposure and spread:

  1. It is important that all ATM businesses have reasonable safety procedures in place, along with written records to prove it.

  2. If possible, wear disposable gloves &/or use hand sanitizer for each physical contact with your ATM Terminals/Cash and avoid touching your face.
  3. When an ATM is visited for loading, maintenance or repair, the keypad, all buttons, and the outer surfaces of the cash dispenser, receipt dispenser and the other external consumer “touch points” on the terminal should be thoroughly cleaned/disinfected.

ATM surface cleaning guidelines

Following are recommended procedures for cleaning ATM surface areas:

  1. Use wet wipes or a disinfectant solution that meet CDC standards to include at least 70 percent isopropyl alcohol or other strong/proven antiviral disinfectant solution. Bleach works but could potentially harm some plastic parts.
  2. Do not spray liquid directly onto the terminal or its components. Instead, use disposable disinfectant wet wipes or generously spray the disinfectant solution onto a paper towel or cloth and wipe.

  3. Wipe down surfaces with disinfectant twice, first with disinfectant and dry paper towel, then dispose wipes and towels; do not re-use. After a second and final disinfectant wipe down, leave the wet surface to air dry.

  4. When wiping – go in one steady direction on each surface (so you’re not re-contaminating surfaces or just moving the germs around – but wiping them off).

  5. You may wish to post signage at the ATM indicating the cleaning routine being used to keep the terminal safe and disinfected.

  6. Ask your Merchant customers to please make sure to clean/disinfect their countertops and other consumer touchpoints daily (doorknobs/POS terminals/restrooms/etc.) – and ask for them to help by disinfecting the main touchpoints on their/your ATMs as part of their daily cleaning regimen (which should only take a minute or two).

  7. Reminder: It is important to document safety procedures you are adopting, communications you are sending, steps you are taking to keep your people, Merchants and end users as safe and secure as reasonably possible with respect to your ATMs given the current unique issues and circumstances.

  8. Remember to follow CDC guidelines when "on the job"- Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, avoid touching your face, and maintain a safe distance from other people (ideally staying 6 feet or more away). Schedule jobs to avoid crowds.

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