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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

5G prelaunch adoption exceeds expectations

While 5G has yet to be officially launched, global adoption rates are five times greater than predicted, according to a white paper by Juniper Research. 5G – The Five Year Roadmap, published Feb. 18, 2019, attributes prelaunch demand to pricing strategies by mobile network operators and device support by smartphone manufacturers and wireless access providers.

"The rate of adoption has already been five times faster than anticipated in our previous report, which holds great promise for 5G," Juniper researchers wrote. "It has not just lodged in the public consciousness but has found its way into the lives of several million consumers."

Chris Baird, president of OptConnect, a managed wireless service provider, agreed 5G is top-of-mind with business owners and consumers. The company launched mylo, a 5G wireless router, on Feb. 10, 2020, a product Baird described as ideal for applications requiring cellular connectivity for critical financial and environmental transmissions.

"mylo operates on the 5G network, enabling many benefits never seen before, like unparalleled distance, penetration, and coverage," Baird said. "Unlike other cellular devices that run out of steam when crowds start posting updates and sharing videos, mylo keeps going strong."

5G as a service

Baird further noted that 5G-enabled networks and devices will foster innovation across the hyperconnected marketplace. He provided the following examples of how 5G managed services can improve efficiencies by maintaining faster, more efficient connectivity:

  • Improved connectivity: mylo can penetrate buildings and basements, and its coverage can span large distances. Where older technologies may only work with nearby cell towers, mylo can improve reception by communicating with multiple distant towers.

  • Solving congestion: mylo keeps working, even at peak usage periods at concerts and sporting events, when phones, tablets and other products lose their connection. This enables users to share big game videos and operate kiosks throughout important events.

  • Multi-carrier redundancy: mylo works with both Verizon and AT&T networks. If one network goes down, mylo will automatically switch to the other network within seconds, keeping businesses connected despite single network outages.

5G impact on IoT

The Juniper Research study proposed that 5G adoption will improve connectivity in IoT infrastructures, devices and components. These enhancements will enable IoT devices to tap into local connective networks and mobile telecoms, researchers noted. Additionally, 5G's capacity to cope with numerous endpoints across the IoT "will be a critical part of the unifying infrastructure that allows millions of devices to talk to each other and to provide human agents with the data they want from the IoT," report authors wrote.

Researchers cited the following five IoT sectors that will benefit from 5G connectivity:

  1. Automotive innovation: 5G-enabled sensors and inter-device communication will power self-driving cars and driver support tools.

  2. Digital health: 5G-enabled networked devices will facilitate collection of healthcare data, supporting eHealth practices.

  3. Smart cities: 5G-enabled data facilities will enable local authorities to establish smart cities, where automation and information sharing improve a city's efficiency.

  4. Smart homes: 5G-enabled sensors and networked devices can be used to manage a home, increasing comfort, safety and energy efficiency.

  5. 5G mobile broadband: 5G-enabled mobile broadband will be a viable alternative for connecting homes to the Internet, reaching areas that currently lack connectivity.
A complimentary copy of the Juniper Research white paper is available at: www.juniperresearch.com/document-library/white-papers/5g-the-5-year-roadmap . end of article

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