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Tuesday, January 09, 2024 — 11:35:15 (EST)

ETA announces 2024 committee chairs

WASHINGTON, Jan. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) today announced the leaders of its 2024 Industry Affairs (IA) Committees. ETA committees serve as crucial platforms for fostering discussion on industry matters, providing thought leadership, and establishing guidelines. These committees are led by seasoned executives and subject-matter experts, bringing extensive experience from across all segments of the payments industry.

"ETA and its member companies are at the forefront of innovation in the payments industry. Nowhere is that more apparent than in ETA's Industry Affairs Committees, which mirror this dynamic payments ecosystem. Whether it's AI or digital assets, mobile payments or cybersecurity, if it's shaping payments, it's being discussed in ETA's committees. We are privileged to have such talented payments professionals leading these committees," says Jodie Kelley, CEO of ETA.

"ETA Industry Affairs Committees tackle the pressing issues facing the payments industry," says Scott Talbott, EVP at ETA. "Their efforts cover the breadth of the industry."

In 2024, the committees will focus on key areas of growth in the industry, including AI, compliance, LATAM, and B2B. Below is the list of the 2024 Industry Affairs Committees. The full list of ETA's 2024 committees and their leadership can be found here.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Chairs: Russell Moore, Director of Corporate Strategy & Development, Global Payments
Vice Chairs: Donald Riddick, CLO & Company Secretary, Featurespace • Kevin Shamoun, SVP Product & Innovation, Fortis


Chair: Adrienne Gray, SVP, Payments Risk & Compliance, Commercial Bank of California
Vice Chair: Mary Meade-Kolsen, Senior Risk Executive Merchant Third Party ISO Merchant Service, Synovus

Business to Business (B2B)

Chair: Raghuram Adiraju, Vice President, Commercial Acceptance, Mastercard


Chair: Andy Gerlt, Head of Communications, Visa Commercial & Money Movement Solutions, Visa


Co-Chairs: Tom Bloodworth, Director, Enterprise Compliance, Global Payments • Gina Gioia, CAMS, VP of Compliance, AML and OFAC Officer, North American Bancard • Rob Johnson, Senior Director, Visa Rules Management North America, Visa

Chair: Eric Brown, CEO, BlockWyre
Vice Chair: Bradley Riss, Chief Commercial Officer,

Large Processor Council
Chair: Jackie Joseph, Executive Director, Payment Network Office, JP Morgan Chase
Vice Chair: Kristi Kuehn, SVP & Head of Enterprise Compliance, Global Payments


Co-Chairs: Rafael Rossi, VP, Head of Support & Optimization LAC, Visa • Ana Vasconcellos, Head of Acceptance & SMBs, LAC Region, Visa • Leon Vega, Executive Director Latam M.S., J.P. Morgan

Mobile Payments

Chair: Natalia Leonardis, VP of Business Development, CardFlight
Vice Chairs: Craig Ross, Manager Channel Partnerships, Apple • Olivia Tomares, Payments Platform Partnerships, Google

Payment Facilitator

Co-Chairs: Deana Rich, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Infinicept • Caroline Hometh, Managing Partner, RPY Innovations

Payment Sales & Strategy
Chair: George Smith, Head of Sales, Clerkie


Chair: Adam Perella, Technical Director, Schellman Compliance
Vice Chair: Emily Baxter, Consultant, RPY Innovations

Retail Technology
Chair: Russ Palay, VP of Product Management, Infinicept
Vice Chair: Jay Myers, Director of Global Merchant & Network Services, American Express

Risk, Fraud & Security

Chair: Melissa Sutherland, Vice President, EverC
Vice Chair: Tom Humphrey, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, Tesouro

About ETA

The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) is the world's leading advocacy and trade association for the payments industry. Our members span the breadth of significant payments and fintech companies, from the largest incumbent players to the emerging disruptors in the U.S. and more than a dozen other countries around the world. ETA members make commerce possible by processing approximately $44 trillion in purchases annually and worldwide P2P payments, and by deploying payments innovation to merchants and consumers.

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SOURCE Electronic Transactions Association (ETA)