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North American Bancard

Carving a smart path to the future

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Though it's been said the cutting edge is one step away from the bleeding edge, the leaders at North American Bancard believe it is possible to stay progressive without compromising quality or value. To accomplish this, it is also believed it takes a company who has vision and is willing to invest in seeing it through.

“Our NAB sales team is fortunate to be backed by a company who is committed to ensuring its technology and product development stay parallel with the current market demand,” said Rita Feldman, vice president of sales at North American Bancard. “NAB invests a great deal of its time and effort into helping its merchant customers stay in front of security, equipment and compliance requirements, but we also dedicate significant resources toward groundbreaking product developments to make sure our sales representatives are fully equipped in the marketplace.”

It starts with a plan

For an established ISO with multiple legacy systems, this means a portion of the investment into product development gets focused on legacy provisions. In addition to the creation of up-and-coming technologies, NAB has a well thought out plan for upgrading and enhancing the systems which are currently in place. This plan addresses everything from equipment to processing software already in use by NAB merchants. Even the company’s inventory of point-of-sale (POS) terminals used to supply its free equipment program must be considered in this plan to ensure every piece of equipment on hand is always at or above industry standards. As a result, emerging and converging equipment technologies, such as today’s Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) and near field communications (NFC) initiatives, are always discussed early in the planning process and phased into NAB’s terminal upgrade strategy well ahead of any associated deadlines or an insurgence of market demand.

Of course, NAB is also a product development front runner when it comes to introducing the latest and greatest in mobile POS (mPOS) applications. “mPOS has been a hot topic in the payments industry for several years now, but until recently, it was not a product the majority of merchants in the marketplace were ready to adopt,” Feldman continued, “Nevertheless, NAB’s visionaries saw where the future of the industry was headed, and they took early steps to develop robust, proprietary mPOS products which would differentiate the company as a mobile pioneer.”

This vision was behind the development of NAB’s revolutionary mPOS products, both of which have been considered ground breaking innovations since the date of launch. Phone Swipe, NAB’s mPOS answer for smart phones, was launched in 2011 and is still widely acknowledged as a credible on-the-go solution. In early 2014, NAB also launched a proprietary tablet solution called PayAnywhere Storefront. This product includes all the bells and whistles needed to set up a comprehensive tablet-based POS system. Both of these innovations have earned the company national recognition, as well as a respected reputation for being a thought leader in the mobile payments market.

Eyes on the ball

In addition to a realistic vision, a well executed product development roadmap, and a commitment to fund these initiatives, NAB also prides themselves on one other key ingredient. The core NAB philosophy has always been the same. To provide enabling payment technologies to businesses, which will in turn, help them grow. NAB leadership believes this focus also achieves a number of other byproducts, including the assurance for NAB sales partners that they will always have what they need to stay competitive and profitable, “NAB and its independent sales partners will always be successful, because the company and its leadership have their priorities straight,” concluded Feldman.

If you are interested in learning more about North American Bancard, its award-winning programs and merchant services, and its competitive payment processing sales partner program, we invite you to visit us at or call us at 1-877-786-1653.

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