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North American Bancard

The endgame in selling merchant services


For over 20 years, North American Bancard (NAB) has been leading agents and ISOs toward successful residual sales achievements. During this time, the business of merchant services and making money selling electronic payment services as an independent sales agent or ISO has radically transformed.

While the industry's most successful sales model has always been reliant on relationship building, tenacity, and a solid understanding of Interchange, the past decade has cultivated a new kind of payment services sales leader. When processors, equipment providers, and software makers were busy breaking the industry out of the analog-age, the merchant services sales model underwent a parallel breakthrough of its own. Payments industry sales professionals would gradually go from being viewed as lower rung, feet-on-the-street peddlers to respected product spokespeople, relationship managers, and technology brokers.

As the role of the agent continued to evolve, the personal value brought to each deal also increased, upping the ante for residual income earning potential. As a result, those who would work their way to the top would also end up the most sought after sales experts in the industry.

May the company with the best technology win

In today's rapid-fire technology market, a knowledgeable and well-connected merchant services sales professional looking to make a change will be hunting for the payment provider who offers the most comprehensive set of products that can meet the merchant's every need. Since the merchant proposition is now more about configuring a payment solutions package which best fits a certain merchant's business model, if a payment company's solution set isn't up to par, they may never get a second look from an agent. Regardless of how close they may be to launching the next groundbreaking industry product. Consequently, to attract the best industry talent, a company must be consistently first up with answers to demand-driven market problems.

NAB's PayAnywhere Storefront, launched in April of 2014, is one such answer. Built with the small-to-mid-sized business (SMB) in mind, this mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution is the first of its type to offer a free tablet device in a stand with a built-in credit card reader to all merchants who use the corresponding PayAnywhere software to process transactions. In addition to a simple, universal pricing model, the application is equipped with industry-leading data encryption, tokenization and fraud protection. It also processes advanced-level, cloud-hosted business analytics and custom merchant reports without added cost. All of these features combined make PayAnywhere the only single-source, fully combined, mobile point-of-sale (POS), and data monitoring solution in the market offering next day funding through every major card brand, including PayPal.

PayAnywhere is only one example of NAB's commitment to providing proactive mobile-ready solutions for SMBs. NAB's revolutionary Phone Swipe product is another solution for on-the-go merchants needing a completely mobilized POS answer. This simple solution for accepting phone-enabled payments is enhanced with the same advanced-level, cloud-driven business intelligence and industry-leading security as PayAnywhere. A feature-set which makes it an easy to sell and implement product, and a sure bet handheld payment solution every merchant is bound to love.

Help NAB deliver cutting edge solutions

As consumer demand continues to drive the merchant need for new payments industry technologies and products, NAB will strive to continue providing its sales professionals with the most credible, state-of-the-art solutions and groundbreaking programs the industry can offer. In this spirit, we will ensure our market position remains strong by keeping the best of the industry's sales talent at the top of their game.

If you are interested in learning more about NAB, its products and services, and how you can be a part of NAB's sales team, get started today by calling 1-877-786-1653.

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