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Tough times call for unrivaled support

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Unprecedented times of crisis generally test the support fabric of any business. Therefore, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit with a vengeance, the support systems of companies everywhere were challenged.

While businesses of all types were struggling to maintain a sense of traction, payments companies - whose business model is to support the ecosystem of commerce - were also feeling the impact. Consequently, one of the hardest hit areas in the payment processing service model has been the sales function. Not only have business clients been scrambling to survive, but sales representatives have been working overtime to guide them toward better-suited service options.

Moreover, the process of finding new business has resembled a game of hunting for a needle lost in the proverbial haystack. Old methods for communicating with prospects and presenting product opportunities to them suddenly needed an overhaul.

"Merchants of all types have been impacted by stay-in-place and shut-down orders enacted across the country," said Ryan Malloy, vice president of partner relations at North American Bancard (NAB). "We knew instantly our sales partners would need every possible tool in the box just to be effective in guiding business owners to payment acceptance solutions designed for the new normal."

Revisit, renew, and reinforce

Some payment processing and technology firms saw the emergence of new business practices as an opportunity. These payment providers began focusing more energy on boosting the sales knowledge base and identifying sales gaps that could be addressed quickly.

"North American Bancard launched a series of COVID-19 response trainings for sales partners, expanded one-on-one coaching, and augmented communications right away," Malloy said, explaining the company concentrated its sales support efforts on providing sales partners with extra avenues to refresh and gain more knowledge about relevant products and programs they could offer to struggling merchants.

"We approached the crisis as both a call to guide sales partners toward the right alternative programs merchants can use to diversify service delivery, as well as a chance to renew and reinforce relationships within our sales partner network," Malloy explained.

Easy upgrades

According to Malloy, one of the best parts of NAB's merchant services

For example, merchants who now want to minimize contact with customers, can instantly implement NAB's virtual terminal feature without enlisting or waiting for help from NAB's customer care department.

"We've been steadily ensuring our salespeople know how to assist merchants with adopting easy, COVID-friendly fixes, like our virtual terminal and invoicing functionality," said Malloy.

Additionally, Malloy noted, NAB has launched specialty trainings and support for products the sales team can bring to a merchant or sales prospect who is interested in facilitating more advanced contactless payment sales. Such applications include NAB's online ordering program, mobile payment apps, proprietary Payanywhere POS ensemble, and a host of easy-to-implement ecommerce solutions.

Standing strong for partners

Malloy describes NAB's ability to support its sales partner network in whatever capacity, and whenever or wherever they need it, as "a true partnership." He indicated NAB has always stood beside its sales partners and remains committed to backing them with the right programs, promotions, products, and hands-on care they need as the world navigates through this unprecedented time, and well beyond.

"The most important focus for us right now is ensuring our salesforce is educated and ready to nimbly provide a merchant with any product they need to draw in business and keep the doors open and cash flowing," affirmed Malloy.

If you're interested in learning more about North American Bancard's products and services, or would like more information about joining the NAB sales partner team, please visit or contact an NAB partner relations representative at 888-229-5229.

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Tough times call for unrivaled support

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