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Thursday, March 08, 2018 — 11:59:40 (EST)

LaterPay Pro targets SaaS providers

New York, March 8, 2018 -- LaterPay – a technology company offering an industry-first, patented payment infrastructure which enables immediate, frictionless customer access to paid content and services – has launched LaterPay Pro, a solution targeted at Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers. In conjunction with this new offering, the company has partnered with Microsoft Germany to enable professional, paid cloud services without a time-consuming, upfront registration and payment process.

Using LaterPay Pro, Microsoft Germany partner aConTech Enterprise IT Solutions will allow its customers to offer the Microsoft Azure Backup service without first having their customers register and pay upfront, a process that results in high abandonment rates. Customers will only be prompted to register and pay after meeting a 250 euro threshold. As part of this offering, LaterPay will also allow fully flexible threshold amounts on a per provider basis.

“LaterPay Pro enables Microsoft partners to offer paid cloud services with essentially no interruption to the customer experience. They can now simply and easily maximize the revenue being generated via the Microsoft cloud,” said Gregor Bieler, general manager at Microsoft Germany.

LaterPay saves customers’ time and increases conversions for digital content and services. Instead of requiring upfront registration and payment – which derails the majority of all intended purchases – LaterPay Pro defers this process until purchases reach a predetermined threshold.

“With LaterPay Pro, customers can first experience the added value of the services without requiring extensive full registration and payment. For us, this supercharges the onboarding of new, paying customers,” said Stefan Zenkel, managing director of aConTech Enterprise IT Solutions.

“Partnering with Microsoft clearly shows the value that LaterPay’s technology has for the monetization of cloud services,” said Cosmin Ene, founder and CEO of LaterPay. “With our publishing clients, we've proven that paid-content models work when they provide customer-centric, deferred registration and payment options. With LaterPay Pro, we are now extending our proven, patented solution to Software-as-a-Service companies.”

LaterPay’s new offerings come as it continues to expand into the U.S. market. The company raised 7.5 million euros in funding in late 2017, and just in January 2018, the company announced it had over 200,000 active and registered users in Germany.

About LaterPay
LaterPay turns users into paying customers for digital content or services such as journalism, videos and software-as-a-service. LaterPay provides a unique, patented technology platform for enabling payments without upfront registration and payment, facilitating the “use now, pay later” approach. This allows customers to consume paid content and services on the internet with one click — without prior registration or having to pay in advance. It is only when a predetermined limit is reached that customers are prompted to register and pay via one of many popular payment methods. By decoupling purchases from payments, LaterPay lowers the barrier to the consumption of digital goods and services. With LaterPay, companies can engage new customer groups and get those customers acquainted with their paid content and services, allowing a successful migration to higher-value paid models.

Source: Company press release.

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