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Wednesday, September 13, 2017 — 13:37:31 (EDT)

Netcents to introduce own currency

Vancouver, B.C.,, Sept. 13, 2017 - NetCents Technology Inc. ("NetCents" or the "Company") (CSE: NC) a publicly traded company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange ("CSE") is very pleased to announce the introduction of its own digital currency, NETCENTS, which utilizes the latest innovations in blockchain technology.

September 19, 2017, NetCents Currency will initially be available to NetCents registered users through a proprietary cryptocurrency exchange.
We highly recommend all interested parties sign up to the NetCents Currency page: for the latest information regarding the currency and its launch.

Additional details pertaining to the overall purchasing process will be made directly to NetCents users and addressed in future news releases as well.

"Our users have told us that they want the freedom to Pay Their Way. They wanted a dependable and trustworthy online platform that had the ability to transact or store various currencies in one place without switching platforms. And they wanted services cheaper and done with currencies that offered less risk or volatility. We have solved this, with the introduction of our own currency. We have the users, we have the merchants, now we have the currency to complete the full spectrum," stated Clayton Moore CEO & Founder, NetCents Technology Inc. "The future is now. The use of digital currency and transacting online is here to stay. We just made it better, easier, cheaper and more accessible."

More information regarding NetCents' currency and its mechanics will be made available for viewing when our whitepaper is released. Please bookmark the NetCents Currency page: to follow all developments for the NetCents Currency.

Mr. Moore continued "Bitcoin and Ethereum were excellent experiments that proved that there was a need, but in our opinion, the medium failed. With our high usability and accessibility, we believe NetCents is positioned to become the leading currency of choice for merchants. This is the natural evolution for the company, its merchants and its users. Utilizing the NetCents currency will enhance the end-to-end proprietary ecosystem that NetCents has developed. We have been in planning and development of the NetCents Currency for approximately a year and are now thrilled to finally be able to announce it. This is a pivotal moment for the company, its shareholders and digital currency as a whole, as we will immediately be implementing our currency into our infrastructure and our merchant partners."

NetCents is in the unique and immediate position to establish itself at the forefront of online transactions by utilizing its own proprietary currency within its own established and fully functional ecosystem. Through the assimilation of the NetCents Currency into the NetCents platform, Merchant-Partners will realize reduced transaction costs, decreased processing bottlenecks and healthier bottom lines. NetCents' users base will be afforded with an unparalleled and secure payment vehicle to transact online. NetCents will employ a rigorous supply management system that will operate within the parameters of free market dynamics so that price volatility is reduced and user confidence and liquidity is enhanced.

According to Gord Jessop, President NetCents Technology Inc. "We are all well aware of the numerous high profile Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs, that have raised about 1.5 Billion dollars, this year alone. We would like to be clear that NETCENTS is not conducting an Initial Coin Offering, ICO. NETCENTS is introducing a currency through a proprietary cryptocurrency exchange. We believe the ICO market has many potential pitfalls and is littered with uncertainty. To mitigate this and to further legitimize NetCents Currency, we have refined the introduction, purchasing and circulation. With the notable governance, we have built into our currency, which will be highlighted in our whitepaper, we see significant value in people utilizing NetCents Currency as our ecosystem continues to expand with new merchants and users."

NetCents will kickstart its currency Pre-launch on September 19th to NetCents registered users. This will be followed by a controlled domestic launch from October 2nd to 30th with the worldwide launch scheduled for October 31st through a proprietary cryptocurrency exchange.

The company will be making additional announcements in the coming weeks about the release of its white paper, the launch of the currency, and how consumers and merchants can access the platform and transact within the NetCents Ecosystem.

About NetCents
NetCents is a next generation online payment processing platform, offering consumers and merchants online services for managing electronic payments. The Company is focused on capturing the migration from cash to digital currency by utilizing innovative Blockchain Technology to provide payment solutions that are simple to use, secure and worry free. NetCents works with its financial partners, mobile operators, exchanges, etc., to streamline the user experience of transacting online. NetCents Technology is integrated into the Automated Clearing House ("ACH") and is registered as a Money Services Business (MSB) with FINTRAC, which ensures our consumer's security and privacy. NetCents is available for deposits from 194 Countries around the World, providing you with the freedom to choose to Pay. Your Way.™

On Behalf of the Board of Directors
NetCents Technology Inc.

"Clayton Moore"
Clayton Moore, CEO, Founder and Director

NetCents Technology Inc.
Suite 880, 505 Burrard St (Bentall 1),
Vancouver, BC, V7X 1M4

Source: Company press release.

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