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Axe Payments the exclusive processor of Alaska Hospitality Retailers

Friday, September 17, 2021 — 13:01:48 (EDT)

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 15, 2021--Axe Payments has executed an exclusive partnership with the Alaska Hospitality Retailers to provide payment processing solutions to AHR Members. Axe Payments Zero Processing Fees + Complimentary POS Program offers AHR members a comprehensive state-of-the-art Point of Sale (POS) solution with integrated payment processing and direct third-party ordering capabilities (such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, Door Dash). This value-add membership benefit is being offered completely free of charge to AHR members, meaning no start-up or monthly costs and zero credit card processing fees. Implementation, equipment, training and maintenance is all included and additional benefits include next day funding, robust reporting and 24/7 support (including Anchorage-based technicians).

“The AHR learned about Axe Payments from one of our own members, who thought Axe Payments cash discount program could benefit other members. The AHR is proud to partner with Axe Payments to deliver this offer to our members," said Silvia Villamides, Executive Director AHR.

"We are so excited about our win-win-win partnership with the AHR. For AHR members it means thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in savings per month, every month, plus a brand new POS system built for a post pandemic world. For AHR, it means continuing to provide new and exciting membership perks as well as additional support for their very important community initiatives, including their Meals Food Program. For Axe Payments, it means expanding our reach and delivering on our mission to help merchants thrive by eliminating the high costs of processing credit card transactions," said Sam Avello, President of Axe Payments.

About Alaska Hospitality Retailers

The Alaska Hospitality Retailers represents Alaska’s largest private sector of employers within the hospitality, tourism, and food service industries. The AHR represents a unified strong and powerful voice advocating on behalf of the AHR membership at the local, state, and federal levels. For more information, visit alaskahospitalityretailers.com/.

About Axe Payments

Axe Payments is a recognized leader in the payment processing industry. Nearly 20,000 businesses nationwide look to Axe Payments to help facilitate merchant processing strategies that save money without causing business disruption. Axe Payments Zero Processing Fees Program ensures merchants receive 100% of their purchase price, regardless of payment type, by automatically adding a 3.99% convenience fee to any customer transaction being paid by credit card. 100% of the purchase price is transferred into the merchant’s business account generally next business day, effectively ensuring payment equality, regardless of payment type. For more information, visit www.getaxepay.com/ahr or call 877-429-3729.

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