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A Thing GS Announces Advisory Board Changes

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GS Announces Advisory Board Changes

A few changes have been made in our Advisory Board. We are introducing our newest member, Joyce Leiser, Director of Strategic Sales & Emerging Markets, U.S. Wireless Data, Inc.

Joyce is a long-term wireless player who has been selling wireless point-of-sale since 1995. Her current focus is on developing large-business opportunities in emerging markets for wireless.

In this capacity, she works closely with the card associations: She is U.S. Wireless Data's relationship manager for MasterCard, Visa, American Express and for the wireless carriers. Joyce also is one of the company's liaisons with ETA and is a participant in the New Technology Forum.

When asked why she chose to join our Advisory Board, Joyce replied, "I have been involved in the transaction-processing industry for many years, with a special concentration in the wireless POS industry. I would like to make sure I can help with education on this segment of the business for both wired and wireless processing." Each member of the Advisory Board was asked what he or she thought we could do differently to better serve the ISO community. Joyce's response was insightful: "My personal suggestion is to make sure that the agents who work for ISOs have access to this publication. It is one of the most widely read publications; however, I know that in some organizations, only the officers/owners receive this and do not always make the information available to the agents, their help desk and others in the back office who consider their part in running the ISO a career.

"It would certainly help them to better understand the importance of their role and how it affects their company as a whole. Also, it may educate them and encourage them to take more pride in their work and even give them an incentive to grow and learn other aspects of our industry and move on to other jobs related to this industry."

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