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A Thing GS To Establish Advisory Board

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GS To Establish Advisory Board

W e believe that the strength of this industry is the Individual Sales Agent, and we know many of you think as we do. So we are moving to enhance our ISO support in many new ways, the first of which is that we are forming a Green Sheet Advisory Board. Would you like to support the ongoing growth of this industry by giving back some of what you have learned? This is your opportunity.

Over the past 18 years, The Green Sheet has been as much a mission as it has been a publication. The Green Sheet exists solely to offer (as its subtitle declares) "education, inspiration and actionable advice" to ISOs. In serving the ISO, The Green Sheet not only strives to inform ISOs of a wide range of income opportunities but also works to give Independent Sales Organizations a voice and a forum - a voice that, for a lack of a forum, may have gone unheard.

As one of the most established and well-known publications in the financial services industry, The Green Sheet has been focusing on such timely topics as retail financial services industry news, technology discussions, company and product profiles, government regulation and litigation pertinent to the industry as well as sales opportunities, tips and the popular Resource Guide and Forum.

The Green Sheet is very excited to announce the formation of its Advisory Board. We are looking for a representative cross-section of the retail financial services industry.

Simply be a reader of The Green Sheet and fill out the Advisory Board application located on our Web site,, and apply for a membership electronically. Members are asked to supply current phone and fax numbers and an e-mail address and agree to help us occasionally with industry-related topics. Members also must agree to be quoted by name and company affiliation in our publications.

And, finally, on occasion throughout the year, we ask that you participate in a phone interview related to a specific subject of interest to the marketplace.

All members of the Advisory Board will be given a Membership Certificate acknowledging your board position and a very special gift package.

Remember, there is no cost to you other than your time.

If you are interested in supporting this industry, then apply for a seat on the Advisory Board of The Green Sheet.

Please fill out the form on our Web site,, or send your contact information to Julie O'Ryan-Dempsey, Vice President/General Manager, at





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