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In July, NACHA launched a nine-month pilot for ODFIs (Originating Depository Financial Institutions) to test various methods for accepting non-recurring ACH payments over the phone.

"The Consumer Authorization for Non-Recurring ACH Debits Pilot" will research the possibility of broadening the NACHA regulation for non-recurring ACH debits, expanding consumer options for authorization to include the telephone. The results of the program will help NACHA determine if an amendment to the existing NACHA Operating Rules regarding authorization requirements should be made.

Intell-A-Check Corporation's electronic check-writing application software is NACHA compliant and will be used by the financial institutions participating in the program. Intell-A-Check! enables companies to accept check or ACH payments directly through the phone, fax, VRU (voice response unit), and Internet. Once the ABA and account information is entered into the interface, the system can instantly create authorized payments drawn from customers' accounts, and be formatted as a check print file, or as an ACH file for immediate electronic deposit.

"By providing a fast, easy way to accept non-recurring check payments over the phone, Intell-A-Check! is the perfect tool to support the requirements for the NACHA pilot," explained Joseph Grueter, Treasurer of Intell-A-Check, Corp.

In addition to creating a properly formatted ACH file for electronic deposit, the Intell-A-Check! software can also create a companion file that can be used to post payments directly to customers' accounts, automatically updating the billing system's account-receivable balance.

NACHA represents more than 13,000 financial institutions through its 34 regional ACH associations, six councils, and corporate affiliate membership program. NACHA's Web site is Intell-A-Check, Corp., provides a range of electronic payment solutions. For additional information, contact Intell-A-Check, Corp., at (800) 946-8355, or via the Web at