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Worth Magazine's first annual Readers' Choice Survey of financial services has ranked Citibank as the best online bank of 1999. Additionally, SmartMoney's survey of online banking also ranked Citibank the best among traditional, full-service consumer banks.

Respondents to the Worth survey gave high ratings to Citibank's proprietary online banking service, Direct Access®, which allows users to link investment and banking services. In the survey, Citibank earned a perfect score for security and rated number one in online customer service.

In another announcement, Gomez Advisors Inc., has selected Internet-only Security First Network Bank as the overall best of the "Summer 1999 Gomez Internet Banker Scorecard." Gomez Advisors has been ranking Internet banking for the last five quarters by reviewing the services of banks using the Internet and evaluating them against 150 different criteria.

This is the third consecutive quarter that Security First Network Bank has earned the overall number-one ranking of the 58 Internet banks reviewed. And, while in the Gomez report, Internet-only banks did well, two brick and mortar banks, Wells Fargo and Citibank, placed second and fourth respectively. Here's how Gomez ranked the banks overall. (Scores are out of a possible 10.)

  1. Security First National Bank 6.50
  2. Wells Fargo 6.16
  3. NetB@nk 6.13
  4. Citibank 5.99
  5. Huntington 5.84
  6. Salem Five Cents 5.78
  7. Bank One 5.77
  8. Bank of America 5.76
  9. CompuBank 6.75
  10. First Internet Bank of Indiana 5.68

In individual categories, here's how the banks fared:


Ease of Use

  1. Wells Fargo 8.99
  2. Security First Network Bank 8.30
  3. Bank One 8.23
  4. Bank of America 8.20
  5. Salem Five Cents 8.02
  6. On-Site Resources
  7. Security First Network Bank 6.52
  8. First Union 6.42
  9. Huntington 6.28
  10. Crestar Bank 6.25
  11. Wachovia 6.21


Customer Confidence

  1. First National Bank of Omaha 9.45
  2. Wells Fargo 8.45
  3. First Tennessee 7.92
  4. Waterhouse National Bank 7.79
  5. M&I Bank 7.79

The Internet Banker Scorecard is available online at