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A Thing 30 Seconds of Fame
30 Seconds of Fame


In earlier issues, we've told you about CyberCash's InstaBuy service. It's a one-click shopping convenience that allows online consumers to enter their information just once and then default to that data at any InstaBuy site.

If you didn't read about InstaBuy in The Green Sheet then you may have seen the 30 and 60 second InstaBuy commercials on CNN recently. "In today's e-commerce environment, the smartest and most customer-driven Web merchants win out," said Ken Perez, CyberCash's senior vice president of marketing.

CyberCash realizes that it is no longer enough to just have a Web site to be successful. Gone are the days of putting ".com" behind your company name, tossing up a Web site, and watching the orders roll in. Internet companies and service providers know that competition is fierce and they need to create brand recognition. They also know that, contrary to early predictions, the Web is not replacing TV. But, TV can be a vehicle to get people on the Web and using your Web products.

"The purpose of this campaign is to show merchants how fast and easy it is for consumers to shop online using InstaBuy, and therefore motivate merchants to learn more about the benefits of offering this universal, interoperable service on their sites."

While the campaign is designed primarily to reach merchants, there are other benefits.

"Aside from reaching people who are Web merchants and those who influence themóISPs, banks, IT consultants, etc.óthe TV effort will also expose the InstaBuy symbol to millions of Web shoppers," added Denis Yaro, executive vice president, CyberCash.

If you would like to see the commercial but don't have the time to sit in front of the TV, you can view it online at