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Letters to the Editor


Mr. Green,

I noticed in the September 7, 1999 edition of The Green Sheet a letter asking for the names of companies that provided a guarantee of truncated checks.

We recently paid over $2000, for the year, to advertise in your magazine our services as such. While I understand that you also offer a competitive product as well, from what I understand your publication is separate from your other business, so in the future would you please give an accurate reporting of companies that provide these services, namely including Global e Telecom when advising other entities of the availability of this service other than just your own? It's called "Good and Accurate Journalism".


John H. Beebe




I see that you purchased two Resource Guide listings, one under Check Guarantee and one under ISO Relationships. I am sorry to say that I do not know your company, and this is the reason that I could not make anyone else aware of it. Perhaps you can provide more information, upon which a story could be developed?

Your letter pointed out to me that we should have a listing in the Resource Guide for Check Conversion organizations, so I have asked that the staff create this new section. You may wish to have your company added to this new area.

Paul H. Green


To The Green Sheet:

I have been working in this industry for about six years. I am always amazed when ISOs don't pay their reps or change contracts without notice. It seems like a vicious cycle. You hire reps, fill their heads with how much money they can make, and then, after they start making money, it is taken away. The ISO or sales office now has his portfolio growing and sales reps have little to no recourse. In six years I have had this happen three times in one way or another. I am now suing one office for nonpayment of residuals, which is going to cost a small fortune.

There are a lot of good reps out there that have had this happen to them. Just this week, two people called me to tell me the same type of thing, and to ask how things were with the banks I was using.

There needs to be some type of standard for sales offices or a rating to help salespeople. I would like to make a complaint somewhere but have no idea where to go. I realize that we can make complaints to the Better Business Bureau but the reality is that salespeople won't go that route. There should be a code of ethics for sales offices and accountability. Can you advise or help? Maybe your paper can have a "Shame on You" listing or "ISOs That Pay for Your services!" How about "The Good, The Bad, and The Very Ugly"?

Breina Hughes



I am sorry to say that through the years this has been a common concern in the industry. A number of organizations have failed to meet residual payment obligations, and some of those are no longer in business. On the other hand, some sales reps have also been responsible for some pretty despicable things as well, and their actions legitimately kept them from receiving the rebates or residual payments that they thought they should earn.

The point is that in every part of our business there have been bad apples. It is very hard to find the truth about a situation unless you know both sides of the story.

The card associations have stayed out of these disputes, even when they involved a member bank being sued.

Perhaps in your next relationship you should have your contract reviewed by counsel, and check out the relationship more carefully. Talk to references that have been around a while. Even ask if they have stopped paying anyone, and why.

Paul H. Green


Dear Mr. Green:

We would like you to know that we have worked with a few ISOs, banks, and check guarantee companies. They all promised to pay residuals. No one but no one kept their promises, except CrossCheck. We have been doing business with them for over five years and have yet to miss a residual check. It's a pleasure dealing with a professional company.

I read your book and was really impressed.


James P. Dimitroff

Chairman-CEOMaster Minds, Inc.


Dear James:

Thank you.

Paul Green


Dear Green Sheet:

I have gotten business from this [merchant Web] site! Thought you would like to know that it's working.

Thank you so much!

J. Harteis


Dear J.:

I'm glad your free ISO Web site at is working well for you. When you have a special offering or want to make changes to your site, please send that information to Laurie Ogg at We can accommodate changes to your Web page once every six weeks.

We appreciate hearing of your success.

Good Selling!

Julie O'Ryan-Dempsey

Managing Editor