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A Thing E-Motional Sales
E-Motional Sales


What was the last big-ticket item you purchased? A car, a home, a boat? How much of your decision was emotion? Face it, you weren't going to go hungry if you didn't buy that car. And, the one without the tinted windows and power locks got you from point A to point B just as well as the one with the bells and whistles. Emotion was a big part of your purchase. You wanted a car with everything you needed and a few things you desired. The same applies to business decisions, although you may not think so. A prospect will buy from someone who is friendly, puts them at ease, and gives exceptional service, before they sign with someone who doesn't seem to care or who only provides the essentials. But, as sales professionals, we seem to forget that. We're so caught up in the numbers (price points, quotas, and residuals) that we forget to remember that purchasing decisions aren't made on numbers alone, there is some emotion involved.

To make sure you give service with "all the bells and whistles" that speaks to your prospects' emotions, find out what they need and give it to them. If they need to have information that backs up their purchasing decision to show to their superior, give it to them, that day. If they need to know that they will have exceptional customer service after the sale is closed, show them excellent customer service today. If they want free loaner terminals, postage paid billing envelopes, or a toll-free number to reach you, provide that.

Don't be fooled into believing that because this is a business decision or because it is about hardware or software that it cannot be an emotional one. It can, and it will, if you listen to your prospects' needs as well as their wants.