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A Thing E-Commerce Ready With Online Data Corp
E-Commerce Ready With Online Data Corp.


By Alex Horvath


We've all heard the buzz around the industry about adding "e-commerce" to our existing sales portfolio in order to be successful in the Internet friendly new millennium. The question has arisen, "How do you become e-commerce ready?"

There are many companies who can help, but if you are an ISO looking for an opportunity to jump into the e-commerce market, then Online Data Corp invites you to check them out. By partnering with this sixteen-year old company, savvy sales professionals could add an attractive item to their portfolio of things to sellóthe ability to offer brick and mortar merchants a way to create virtual storefronts, usually in less than five minutes. Any merchant can become e-commerce enabled right away and have a storefront of catalog items for consumers shopping over the Internet. The service is easily marketed, either in person or over the telephone, and there is even a "dummy" storefront for prospects to look at or use as a model for their own storefront.

The best part is that the ISOs work is done once the account is sold. The merchant builds the Web site, Online Data Corp runs it, and then you, the hard-working sales professional, sit back and collect residuals.

"It's a tremendous leader for opening new accounts," said John Rante, President of Online Data Corp. "Everyone wants an opportunity to profit from the Internet. Retailers everywhere are all creating their own Web sites. And companies that have existing ësign-board' Web sites all need to become commerce enabled. Established Internet merchants can add e-commerce to what they are doing with seamless integration."

"Our sales success story is the proliferation of leads and new stores that are going up. Whether it's ISPs (Internet Service Providers), Web developers, large portals, gateways, or auction sitesóOnline Data's Web merchants can build their own stores easily by using their own computer's Web browser," said Rante. Each store costs $49.95 per month plus processing fees and includes the following features:

The unique storefronts can accept most credit cardsóand they say they are working on adding an Internet check program. Online has more than 60 national sales offices and adds an average of six new offices each month. Combined with their regional account executives, Online Data Corp.'s agents connect over 400 new merchants each month. "We make sure to cover the fundamentals," Rante said. "We have 99.9% approvals; same day/24 hour turnaround; centralized customer service and reportsóand most important, we make sure residuals are paid on time." Rante said that Online Data also supplies terminal hardware for lease or sale. The brand names include Hypercom, VeriFone, and Nurit.

For information about ISO opportunities with Online Data Corp, please call (888) 780-2777, or visit their Web site at