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A Thing Datacap Certified OmniLink
Datacap Certified OmniLink


Datacap Systems, Inc., has integrated and certified OmniLink's RetailLink 221 and SecureLink ISDN adapters for use with DataTran as a communication method for electronic payments. With an OmniLink adapter, DataTran cable, and set-up change, DataTran users can communicate to various payment services via ISDN service.

If you're not familiar with ISDN service, it provides three to seven-second payment approval, depending on network service selection. For less than the cost of the combined regular phone lines, ISDN service options can provide simultaneous use for business voice needs as well as fast electronic payments.

ISDN adapters and provisioning services that handle all aspects of ISDN line ordering and installation are available through Datacap or OmniLink. Since DataTran manages all payment communications, DataTran-ready systems can implement ISDN without any changes to the ECR/POS systems.

For more information, contact Datacap at (215) 997-8989 or or visit