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It's Baaa-aack


IVI Checkmate Corp., has resumed production of its eN-Touch 1000™ customer-interactive touch screen and signature capture terminal. Earlier this year, during pilot testing at a national U.S. retailer, the eN-Touch 1000 terminal began showing signs of inconsistent wear on the Mylar coating that protects the electronics on the glass screen. Although the terminals remained fully operational, IVI Checkmate delayed production and worked jointly with its customers and suppliers to investigate alternative technologies.

In early March, IVI Checkmate released a limited number of terminals with the new technology for in-store testing. The company commented that the terminals performed extremely well for the retailers involved in the test program.

"The actions we have taken to improve the eN-Touch 1000 have resulted in a stronger product in both feature and function. By placing the electronics under the glass we have eliminated screen wear, which increases the life of the unit and decreases its cost of ownership. Most importantly, the independent testing of our customers determined that the alternative technology fits their needs and allows them to move forward," stated Greg Lewis, President and CEO of IVI Checkmate's U.S. operations.

IVI Checkmate is the third largest electronic transaction solutions provider in North America. The company designs, develops, and markets innovative payment and value-added solutions that optimize transaction management at the point-of-service in the retail, financial, travel & entertainment, healthcare, and transportation industries. For more information on IVI Checkmate visit