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Inside This Issue

  1. Consolidation Continues
  2. The End of Pooling and Its Affect on the Merchant Business
  3. Washington Looking at Tougher Bad Check Penalties
  4. Another Way to Make a Buck-Actually $2.50
  5. TAPI
  6. Acquiring-Industry Basic Training
  7. First Data Grows
  8. The Eye's Have It
  9. Flashback
  10. Mellon Sells to Citibank
  11. Ice Warming Up
  12. Mergers and More Mergers
  13. Mag-Tek Innovation
  14. Who's Idea Was This?
  15. Atomic Software
  16. Microsoft Entering Smart CardMarket
  17. TASQ and Tellan Team Up
  18. Sales Professional Profile
  19. Buying Signals
  20. Why Use A Sales Selection Test?
  21. Be Prepared, Very Prepared
  22. All Ears



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