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A Thing Ready to ìGo Softwareî
Ready to "Go Software"


GO Software, Inc., (the makers of PC-Charge, see issue 98:01:01) and NOVA Corporation have united to introduce an Internet payment solution that incorporates NOVA TransPort™ Technology and GO Software's suite of merchant payment processing software products.

GO Software's products are the first to use NOVA TransPort technology which enables any Windows PC with an Internet connection to process credit card payments in real time over the Internet. NOVA TransPort provides a mechanism to process encrypted credit card transactions over the Internet using standard TCP/IP protocol directly to NOVA for processing.

As you've read in previous Green Sheet issues and the GSQ, the advantage of processing over the Internet is that it eliminates the need for a separate modem and phone line to dial the credit card processor. Also, processing times can be reduced to 3 to 5 seconds by eliminating the dial time. "It's like having dedicated, leased line performance at Internet connection costs," says Bill Pittman, GO Software's Chief Technology Officer.

Pamela Joseph, NOVA's Chief Information Officer remarked, "We have made real-time transaction processing over the Internet a reality for our merchants. Since we are able to process financial transactions directly from our customers, reliance on third party aggregators is eliminated. This results in a more cost effective and efficient transaction for our merchants."

For more information about GO Software call (800) 725-9264 or access on the Web. Also, watch for some more significant alliance information in the next Green Sheet issue, you may be surprised by what these guys are up to. NOVA's web site is