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A Thing ISOs Still Get No Respect
ISOs Still Get No Respect


They may have bought you cocktails, but the bankcard associations are still dissing the ISOs. The Green Sheet, Inc., received the following letters, further proof that while you may have built this industry, the respect you deserve is slow in coming.

January 25, 1999

Mr. Frank Shemanksi


Southwest Financial Services

590 West Central Ave. Suite J

Brea, CA 92821

Dear Mr. Shemanski:

MasterCard International has received notification from National City Bank, Kentucky that your MasterCard MSP relationship has been terminated. As a result of this notification, Southwest Financial Services is no longer authorized to provide any services in connection with National City Bank, Kentucky's MasterCard program.

Please contact me at (914) 249-5857 if you should have any questions.


John Dallesandro

Analyst, Third Party Management

John Dallesandro, Analyst

MasterCard International

Franchise Management

2000 Purchase St.

Purchase, NY 10577-2509



Dear John,

We received the attached notice informing us that we have been "terminated" by National City Bank and that we are "no longer authorized to provide any services" for them.

My purpose in writing you is to suggest that perhaps a little diplomacy could be used in the letter. If someone was to show me a letter like this one, my initial reaction would be to question why they were fired and their authorization revoked.

We have been a financial services company for many years and deal with numerous banking institutions around the country. Our MSP division represents only a small portion of our corporate activities. Yet someone reading this letter (heaven forbid if one of our bankers saw it) would react in a negative manner.

The truth of the matter is that we have never been registered with National City Bank, Kentucky. We were affiliated with Old Kent Bank years ago before they sold out to NPC. In fact, we are still being paid today on the portfolio we developed for Old Kent Bank, which is now owned by NPC.

So you see, we were not "terminated" which is defined "dismissed", "suspended", "fired", etc.; but simply were an accounting entry. We did not need to be told we are "no longer authorized" which has as synonyms; "discredited", "decommissioned", "disabled", disqualified", etc.; all negative terms.

Wouldn't it have been nicer, kinder and more diplomatic to simply say that MasterCard was sorry that we decided not to renew our registration with NPC, thanked us for our past contributions and wished us good luck in our current venture?


Frank P. Shemanski


Southwest Financial Services, Inc.