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Now that the holidays are over, we can regroup, tabulate those bills, and if you're in the Internet business, you can count your profits!

During the 1998 holiday season, online purchases exceeded estimates and the value of Internet stocks, such as AOL and, rose. According to MediaMetrix Inc., visits to Web stores rose 80% in the second week of December. Eddie Bauer also reported record online numbers and an increase in first-time Internet shoppers.

As to whether this increase means that shopping at traditional stores has decreased, it's hard to know, as many retailers do not distinguish between virtual and online stores' sales.

Jupiter Communications has reported that 44% of U.S. households shopped online over the months of November and December 1998 spending about $3.14 billion. In addition, the survey found that 37%, of those surveyed said they would spend more next year.

If you've been slow to get into the Internet arena, don't worry, there's still plenty of profit to be made in online retailing. According to the Direct Marketing Association of New York, online sales account for only a small portion of total retail sales. While online sales are expected to more than double, catalogue sales are estimated to reach $87 billion and overall retail sales should be approximately $2.6 trillion. So, it's still not too late!

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