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A Thing Schlumberger


This difficult name could be the next one your learn as you see more and more of this company in the US POS terminal market. (Hey, we all learned how to say Nurit, didn't we?)

Schlumberger is a household name in Europe, and a name you might even see on a parking meter in Paris, but it may take some time to roll of our lips easily. Schlumberger is off to a strong start in letting us get to know them better, with a most impressive booth at the ETA show in Hawaii in March. In addition to being out in force, Schlumberger provided the smart card shown on this page, to be used by ETA participants in shopping at the Hawaii Hilton stores and restaurants. I even used the card to pay for breakfast.

On a different note, Schlumberger has installed 15 multi-space parking meters in Hollywood, Florida. The units support more than 550 parking spaces and some of the units don't even require electricity. The Schlumberger DGLine features an option for integrated solar panels that eliminates the need to run power to each unit, even when sunlight is minimal. The systems can be configured to accept bills, coins, tokens, credit and debit cards, and smart cards.

The system prints a receipt with all necessary information and the user may leave the parking lot without returning to the vehicle. Networking capability enables enforcement officers to retrieve information and monitor the entire lot by entering a code into any meter. The system scans every current transaction, verifying the amount paid and the expiration time.

While this may seem like a new idea to you, it's not. Schlumberger has already installed more than 80,000 multi-space meters controlling nearly 500,000 parking spaces worldwide.

Look for more information on Schlumbeger in the May GSQ