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Good Person


What makes a good sales professional? More importantly, what can you do today that will make you into a better financial services professional? Following are a few tips that will get you on your way to a positive attitude AND a positive cash flow!

Give a little extra. Besides going for the sale, offer a little more, such as something that makes that person's job or life a bit easier. For example, drop by their storefront to see how the terminal is working out or to offer some extra training. Or, visit their virtual storefront and make a purchase or drop an e-mail.


Practice Fairness. Treat all employees the same and treat all clients the same. So, when you offer a special deal to someone, remember that they will remember and ask you for that deal again in the future. They may also tell others, and you will be expected to offer that deal to them as well.


Apologize. When you make a mistake (yes, we know that you sometimes make mistakes) apologize and, more importantly, fix it. Most importantly, find a way to make it never happen again.


Exhibit Common Decency. People are people, whether they are your clients, co-workers, employees, employers, or even the guy who cut you off at the light. Treat everyone with respect- it will come back to you in spades. It may take a while but it will!


Follow through. When you say you will do something, do it. Conversely, don't say your going to do something unless you know you will do it.


Maintain a positive attitude. It's corny but a smile really is contagious.

If you try to do just one of these things each day you will be on your way to not only being a better sales person but a better person, period.


Watch for our soon to be published book Good Selling!SM which will be out in May. It will be loaded with tips and ideas on how to be a better sales professional and a happier person in the process.