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Close It


What do you think a presentation is? Webster says it is a "description or persuasive account." So, will a "description or persuasive account" result in a closed sale? Usually not, but a "description or persuasive account" coupled with a close will.

When planning your sales calls, it's important to plan the close and the presentation. If you want to educate the prospect through your presentation, fine. But, educating the prospect is not going to get you the sale, the close will get you the sale and it's important that you spend just as much time on your close as you do your presentation, if not more.

Some people feel safe in the presentation because they know exactly what to expect. They know what they will say, they've practiced, and there aren't any surprises. It is when you get to the close that the variables come upóthe risk is involved because you don't know what the prospect will say. Therefore, many sales professionals don't follow through with the close, which is an even bigger risk because it will most likely result in a lost sale.

The close is the most important part of your sales call and it requires input from the prospect. Don't be afraid to open the floor to your prospect, and take a few risks.