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A Thing Attorney to the Rescue Follow-up
Attorney to the Rescue Follow-up


Anthony L. Ogden, ("Attorney to the Rescue", issue 98:05:01) is a California attorney who specializes in business transactions. Ogden recently set up a Web site ( to serve the merchant bankcard industry.

Ogden chose to set up the site due to the fact that the laws and regulations that apply to merchant credit card transactions can often be obscure and ill defined. His office is committed to forging relationships with banks, ISOs/MSPs, as well as the security and risk personnel of MasterCard International and VisaUSA to resolve merchant account problems and restore credit card accounts. The goal is to address and resolve many of the issues which disrupt the merchant's ability to accept credit cards and the ISO's/MSP's ability to establish accounts for acquiring banks.

Ogden's office provides:

Odgen's Web site features a confidential questionnaire to help assess the possibility of removing a business from the TMF, or to otherwise assist ISOs with merchant bankcard concerns. If you have a problem, access, complete the online evaluation form, and Ogden's office will contact you to discuss further action.

The evaluation form is secure and asks for basic information, including the following:

So, if you've worked hard to sign a new merchant, only to find they are on the TMF or have a problem with chargebacks, you may want to check out