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Financial Aid


Do you have a university or junior college in your area? Have you been targeting the merchants who serve that community? If not, you better start knocking on doors because the stereotype that college students mismanage their finances seems to be right on the money.

Half of the students recently surveyed by Quicken admitted that they've bounced a check during their college years. It's really no wonder, because less than 50% balance their checkbook each month. In fact, 75% of those surveyed have mismanaged their funds so poorly they've called home to ask mom and dad for some cash.

But, some students do try. In fact, 27% of survey respondents attempt to keep track of at least some of the checks they write. But, 9% don't even get an E for effort: they leave balancing their checkbook up to fate. So, until underclassmen are required to pass Personal Finance 101, there's a market for check guarantee and you can cash in!

Good Selling!

Paul H. Green