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A Thing Payments in the 21st Century
Motivating Change

In previous issues of The Green Sheet, weíve discussed the fact that we, as human beings, are all naturally resistant to change. But, as selling professionals, it is our job to motivate others to change: Change their thinking, change their habits.

How can we make change less scary for our prospects? How can we encourage them to leave the safe familiarity of what they know and sign with our service or use our equipment?




For many people, resistance to change stems from a fear of the unknown. They are wondering:

It is your job to answer all these questions, even if they're never verbalized. Many prospects have questions running through their heads that they never ask. Use specifics; cite details; ask questions. Make sure nothing goes unanswered.




Some may see this as beating a dead horse, but it can't hurt. After you have demystified your product, go back and clarify the following:

And don't forget to have your prospect do some clarifying, too. Ask her, again, exactly what she wants. You can't meet her needs if you aren't certain what they are.




Finally, once you've taken the unknowns out of the buying decision, compare your prospect's current situation to the one they could enjoy if they signed an agreement with you. Once they have the whole picture, they will see that you can offer them a better product, if only they'll make a change.

Good Selling!

Paul H.Green