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Have you ever been working on a proposal letter or follow up note and can't remember the zip code of the business you want to send it to? You could call them, but that might make you look unprepared or disorganized. You could call the post office but, by the time you get the number of the post office and someone answers and looks it up, you might as well have done the work yourself-- and you probably have a better disposition.

Let's say you're ready to mail that same letter but it seems a little heavier than a regular letter -- you've got some contracts in there. Do you throw an extra stamp on it just in case, even though you may be wasting money? (Will your prospect think you don't care about his money since you don't care about yours?) You could risk it, just put one stamp on and hope it doesn't get sent back. Or, you could take the time to go to the post office and weigh it.

Both of these problems can be solved with the postal service Web site at At this site you can find the proper zip code for that letter, as well as how much it will cost to get it there.

Or, go in another "direction" with We're always telling you to work the businesses nearby when calling on accounts, right? Well, instead of getting in your car and aimlessly driving, hoping to find a prospect and dropping in unannounced, check out

Simply input the address of where you will be starting and enter the type of business you want to find, such as restaurants or car dealers. Zip2 will then produce a list of businesses in the area complete with name, address, phone number, and driving distance. It also gives you specific directions on how to get there from your starting point and a map!

Using zip2 can help you plan your day and schedule meetings while cutting down on wasted travel expenses and time.



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