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Valid Prospect or Information Gatherer?

You're pitching a business owner and you've presented all the benefits, but you still can't judge whether this person is on a scouting mission or is really a valid prospect.

Try asking some probing questions, like the ones below, to help ferret out the truly interested from the looky-lou:


  • What are you looking for in a check guarantee provider?
  • What is your idea of a good check guarantee service? A great service?
  • How do you see check guarantee changing your business?
  • How many employees will be using the service directly? Are you planning a training session?
  • What will influence your buying decision most: Price, Flexibility, or Convenience?


Whether you determine the merchant to be a valid prospect or an unqualified one, don't miss this opportunity to promote your service. Even if this person is not interested, she may know someone who is or she may become a valid prospect down the road. However it turns out, you can never get too much practice.


Good Selling!SM

Paul H. Green




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