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A Thing Exhibit

Exhibit Yourself

A recent study has shown that exhibitions are more effective than advertising and direct mail in generating sales leads and taking orders.

When pre-show promotions are used, qualified leads increase by 50 percent.

Setting up a booth with your sales materials can be very simple. Your brochures, flyers, and business cards are all you really need-along with a solid supply of service contracts. Some buttons or balloons will add excitement. A computer generated or video-taped sales presentation will add high-tech flair and create more interest.

The Green Sheet is producing a video tape presentation of the 1996 Check Study with over 50 nifty slides and graphs, that you can use for a video presentation. To place your order for this free video tape contact Julie O'Ryan, Associate Editor, at 800-757-4441. You may find that your bankcard provider has a video or computer graphic presentation suitable for this purpose. If you need something more specific, CrossCheck Inc., has a sales presentation available on diskette which can run on any Windows-based PC. For more information on this presentation contact or CrossCheck® Sales Support at 800-654-2365 .



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