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A Thing

Article published in Issue Number: 070202


The magic number

Can you please give me your best guess on the following:

  1. How many ISOs are in the U.S.?
  2. How many merchant level salespeople are in the U.S.?

Ross Federgreen

Ross, I would love to help you, but The Green Sheet does not track that information. It would be too difficult. The ISO market is hard to size. Companies are buying and selling not only their portfolios but also other companies. Some ISOs are registered. Most are not. Then there are so-called strategic alliances, sub ISOs, 1099 agents and so on.

I don't even feel comfortable taking a guess. But if someone else you know does, I would be curious to know his or her estimates.


Kudos to Michael Nardy, Street SmartsSM author


Thanks! Your articles in The Green Sheet are the most honest and useful I've ever seen in that publication.

Steven Pavent

Press releases ... free or not?

Is there a charge involved with sending you a press release?

Rachel Barton


Some things in life really are free. We welcome all press releases related to the payments industry, and we will post them in our News From the Wire section on GS Online.

Please submit news in a Microsoft Word document with minimal formatting, or as text pasted into an e-mail.

We post press releases Monday through Friday during normal business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. Releases received on evenings and weekends will be posted the following business day.

We hope you will share your news with us. E-mail all press releases to:


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Article published in issue number 070202

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