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Article published in Issue Number: 061202

A POS keystone to smooth IP integration

Product: VersaKey POS keyboard
Company: ID Tech

As more retailers move to Internet protocol-based systems, PCs are becoming more common at the POS. These computers need an effective way to acquire mag stripe data. POS keyboards with built-in readers are a timely solution.

The VersaKey POS keyboard incorporates a full-featured mag stripe reader into its upper left corner. The unit conforms to the enhanced Windows keyboard layout and is designed for Windows operating systems.

Having both card reading and keyboard functionality integrated into one unit provides space-saving convenience for electronic cash registers, loyalty database computers, health-care terminals and customer-service applications.

The reader output is programmable to provide data characters in application-friendly formats. The output string can include control characters, such as tabs, that step through separate application data input blocks and input the mag stripe data. (But merchants must guard against storing full mag stripe data, a violation of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.)

The card slot design and the reader electronics enable swiping in both directions.

The keyboard's cable to the PC also provides communications for the mag stripe reader, eliminating an extra cable typically found in conventional retail configurations. The VersaKey comes with either a USB or PS/2 communications interface. For convenience, the USB version also comes with a USB two-port hub for connecting scanners or PIN pads.

The keyboard layout provides separated function keys, control keys, curser keys and a full numerical input keypad. Country-specific keyboard layouts are available for Brazil, Japan, Korea and the United Kingdom.

Features include:

  • 3- or 2-track magnetic stripe reader, with full data-editing capability
  • Operating life exceeding 1 million card swipes
  • Guarantee of 20 million keystrokes
  • Full-size standard Microsoft keyboard layout with LED indicators.

The unit comes in black or beige. The standard warranty is three years.

ID Tech

Article published in issue number 061202

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