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Article published in Issue Number: 061201

Speed loyalty enrollment with customer kiosk

Product: Rapid Enroll Kiosk
Company: Pay By Touch

What merchant who's tried to decipher a hand-written customer loyalty application would thumb his nose at an easier way to enroll customers?

While no thumbprints are currently part of the Rapid Enroll Kiosk, Pay By Touch, the company that has made fingerprints the key to POS identification, may add that feature in the future.

Even without prints, the kiosk speeds and streamlines customer enrollment in merchant rewards programs.

Developed by the company's Personalized Marketing Division, the Internet-enabled kiosk does away with the paper enrollment process, which is slow, prone to errors and can overwhelm customer service personnel, according to Jeff Grider, Vice President of the division.

"Pay By Touch Rapid Enroll Kiosks automate enrollment, thereby enabling stores to enroll customers into their programs faster and more accurately - often reducing the store processing time from weeks to minutes," he said.

Enrollment is reportedly accurate and secure. Customers enter their phone numbers, three letters of their last names and confirm the address information that is generated automatically from the kiosk's reverse-phone-look-up capability.

When no home phone number is available, manual entry using a touch screen is speedy compared to a paper-based system. And it reduces waste marketing caused by incorrect mailing addresses, according to the company.

The system eliminates the lag between submitting the application and having the data available for direct marketing. Personalized thank-you messages may be sent within hours of customer sign-up.

Paper enrollment of a single customer into a paper-based loyalty or rewards program averages $0.68, with $0.40 of that going toward employee time, according to Pay By Touch. The company estimates the cost at $0.59 per enrollment when using the kiosk.

Future enhancements to the system will enable consumers to enroll their biometric information, eliminating the need for a card.

Pay By Touch

Article published in issue number 061201

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